Applying your settings and starting Node-RED

Welcome to your new Node-RED instance on IBM Bluemix

We know you're eager to start wiring up your flows, but first there are a couple of tasks you should do:

  • Secure your Node-RED editor
  • Browse available IBM Bluemix nodes

Secure your Node-RED editor

  • Must be at least 8 characters
  • Your editor will not be secured. Anyone with the URL will be able to access your flows, data and bound services.

Browse available IBM Bluemix nodes

There are lots of nodes available from the community that can be used to add more capabilities to your application. The list below is just a small selection.

You can find many more nodes on the Flow Library.

You can use the Palette Manager built into editor to search for and install nodes. Alternatively, you can also edit your application's package.json file and adding them to the dependencies section.

Finish the install

You have made the following selections:

    You can change these settings at any time by setting the following environment variables via the Bluemix console:

    • NODE_RED_USERNAME - the username
    • NODE_RED_PASSWORD - the password
    • NODE_RED_GUEST_ACCESS - if set to `true`, allows anyone read-only access to the editor